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A Noncompete To Go With Your Sandwich?

Posted in Covenants Not to Compete in California, Covenants Not to Compete in Other Jurisdictions, Protecting Trade Secrets and Other Business Information

A few months ago, this blog noted that there was press coverage about the nationwide increase in the use of noncompete agreements in various industries.  A story that has made the rounds in the past week illustrates this point clearly.  Jimmy Johns, a “gourmet sandwich” franchise, has apparently been inserting noncompete provisions in its employment… Continue Reading

Another Door Closes on Non-Compete Agreements

Posted in Covenants Not to Compete in California, Unfair Competition

Readers of this blog will note that we frequently remind them that California law generally prohibits non-compete agreements.  There are very limited exceptions to this general rule, one being that the seller of goodwill in a business can be bound by a valid non-compete agreement to protect the goodwill that is being purchased.  Sometimes, the… Continue Reading